Sir Sinel Cassean

Earl of Heroth


A large framed man of significant girth, he has red-brown hair slowly going grey with stress an age, and hazel eyes. He stands 5’8" and is often described as a bear of a man for both physical appearance and attitude.


Image and general description taken from the Kanday publication © N Robin Crossby and Columbia Games (Heroth article) as well as Great Clans of Kanday written by Jonathan Nicholas. Herladry by CI Kocher and Matt Roegner Compiled from the works of N Robin Corssby and Columbia Games, Inc.
Art by Richard Luschek.
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Sinel Cassaen never expected to be Earl, but when his elder brother died of a fever shortly after taking up his seat, and without any children of his own, he found himself thrust into the position. He has provided an able administrator of his lands, taking an interest in the affairs of his vassals, but not interfering with duties of those with more relevant knowledge in a particular field than himself. He regards the Earl of Sarkum as having too much influence over the king, and would like to see Andasin taking council from a wider range of people. To this end he is attempting to marry his only daughter, Dorethea, to the king. Dorthea is a beautiful young woman, but was somewhat spoilt as a child, so that she is ow rather short tempered and used to getting her own way. But she is also both intelligent and loyal to her family, so that Sinel hopes the headstrong young woman will stand up to Earl Ranald whenever such action is called for.

One of the few things on which the Earls of Heroth and Sarkum are agreed is the need for vigilance against Kanday’s enemies. Earl Sinel’s younger son is a knight in the Order of the Checkered Shield, and neither he nor his father has any love of the Agrik-worshiping Rethemi. The Earl is also alarmed by the growing power of Marshall Kronas in the Tharda, and is well aware that his own lands would be in the front line of any invasion from that direction. Although putting on weight in recent years, the Earl himself remains reasonably competent in personal combat, and will fight if necessary to protect those he loves.

Sir Sinel Cassean

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