Sir Sylgen Lyrsis

Laranian Menoran of the Order of Hyvrik


Standing 5’7" with a light frame, he has short-cropped brown hair and a graying beard and mushtash, kept short. He has deep-set brown eyes.


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Born on 2nd of Azura in 697 (Nadai), he is the fifth son of a hedge knight in the service of the Earl of Heroth. With nothing much to inherit, Sir Sylgen joined the Order of the Checkered Shield as a young page and was quickly fostered to a nearby chapter house. His mother died when he was 7, with the birth of his younger sister Ilene. The three girls of his family (Ilene, Sama, and Triea) keep in regular contact with letters, but the 4 surviving brothers do not.

Sir Sylgen traveled over most of southern and western Kanday during his years of training. He was knighted in Selvos and, when the post of Menoran became available, Serolan Barald Palgen submitted his name. His reputation with his fellow members was so strong, that he received the nomination uncontested. He is a young man for his position, but is very well liked.

Sir Sylgen Lyrsis is the Menoran (Master of the Fighting Order). He visits the region’s two Order of the Checkered Shield chapter houses twice a month. Soon after he arrived, Serolan Barald Palgen tasked him with the additional duty of armsmaster to the priests and acolytes, a task he has pursued with relish. At Barald’s direction, the young, powerful man leads the monks, including the Serolan and other masters, in combat training for one hour every morning, immediately before prayers. He believes that such vigorous training prepares the soul for prayer, a claim that no one is willing to dispute with him.

Sir Sylgen Lyrsis

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