Sir Syman of Tolfane

Chabla of the Order of the Checkered Shield


He once had long brown locks, but he shaved his head after losing a bet. He still sports a full sandy-brown beard. He stands 6’5" tall with a heavy frame. He has dark blue eyes.


Image and general description taken from the Kanday publication © N Robin Crossby and Columbia Games (Menekod article).
Art by Richard Luschek.
Modified by Token Tool


Born 15 Larane, 681 (Angberelius) to a family of 8 children, Sir Syman was given to the order of the Checkered Shield when his mother discovered he was completely without fear or guile. His father was a hedge-knight in the employ of Utharond Chahryn. His mother was a courtier to the Chahryn family. His brothers and sisters have scattered to the winds, but his family still lives just north of Aleath, and he corresponds with fair regularity with his mother, who is also a devout Laranian.

Growing up in the Order taught him politics at an early age. He proved his prowess during Ezar’s War and at several tourneys there-after. He is well-liked by most, but known to be stubborn once he’s made up his mind. Never one to back down from an argument, the Chabla can more often be found by following his voice as he lays into friend and ally alike when they do wrong around him. He is not, surprisingly, quick to anger and he prays regularly (and publicly) for patience.

Sir Syman steadily tries to release the Checkered Shield from the control maintained by the Order of Hyvrik. There is a dispute between him and the Sheriff of Norea at Quivum (Sir Tamya) regarding control of Dovan (a northeastern order house and hundred moot of Narath) as well as all northern chapter houses. Sir Syman also has worked steadily to remove the control of the Order Of The Checkered Shield by the Order Of Hyvrik, which he sees as a sister organization rather than a parent.

Sir Syman was elected to the post of grandmaster twice; uncontested both times. He is a stern man with an uncanny ability to joke without showing any sign that he expects a response. He is devout and lives his life by the tenets of his faith; expecting every one around him to do the same. Failure is always possible, but it is not the failure that matters, it’s what you do next that counts.

Sir Syman of Tolfane

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