Sir Temilin Chahrvn

Heir to the Earl of Selvos


A lanky man with a shock of brown hair, cut short and shaved on the sides. He has brown eyes and a moderate complexion.


Image and general description taken from the Kanday publication © N Robin Crossby and Columbia Games (Menekod article).
Art by Richard Luschek.
Modified by Token Too


Sir Temilin Chahryn, born in 672, is intelligent and thoughtful, and heir to one of the richest fiefs in Kanday. As the son and grandson of war heroes, he has always struggled to escape the military cast of his clan’s shadow and feels compelled to prove his own worth. Fortunately, his blood runs true and he is a worthy successor to his father.

Calm and given to periods of introspection, Sir Temilin commands a powerful presence and can silence even the most boorish knight with a stern glance. A brilliant swordsman and rider, he still practices daily, but rarely leads patrols anymore, wisely leaving this duty to younger knights. He is preoccupied with politics and management of the family estates. He excels at both thanks to the tutelage of his father and his uncle.

Sir Temilin’s first wife (Lady Alicia Meldon) committed suicide after the death of their daughter. He has one son, Conlon, from his first marriage. His second wife, Myrrhe, has borne him a daughter, Marrin, and son, Loring. Lady Myrrhe is the sister and heir of Baron Tertimas. Sir Temilin and Lady Myrrhe are fond of each other.

Sir Temilin Chahrvn

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