Sir Tessero Fabre

Knight of the Green Owls


A thin and lanky man who is bald and clean shaven. He has piercing blue eyes.


Selvos article. Written by Kerry Mould. Art by RLchard Luschek. Copyright N Robin Crossby and Columbia Cames, Inc. 2002


Born on 23rd of Nunzael, 678 (Ulandus) just outside of Aleath, His parents were hedge-knights to Sir Taihan, in Sarkum. He was the 2nd of 4 children and was brought up to never expect much. His father saw to his training, and most assumed he would remain a senior squire as his family never had much wealth. Still, he worked hard and, when a local mercenary company was recruiting in 699, he joined. Locals assumed it was because Antionetta De Falawn had refused his hand in marriage, but he claimed it was because he wanted to ride more horses than clean up after them.

He rose to the position of lieutenant by 703 through various feats of bravery and tactical accuracy. He was knighted by the Earl himself. A hard man, he drove his units equally hard. He quickly gained a reputation of leading from the front and never assigning a soldier a task he wouldn’t do himself. When the previous captain retired in 708, there was no question that he would assume command. Although a strict disciplinarian, Sir Tesoro had proven himself to be a skilled warrior with a talent for ambush and a nose for booty. Sir Tesoro Fabre converted the company from heavy horse to medium horse in 710, partly to reduce expenses, but mainly to improve mobility.

In Selvos he is not well liked outside his own circle. Responsible for the the last great Agrikan purge in the region, many families blame him specifically for their hardships. He does not disagree. He keeps close watch on those the Inquisitors protected (deemed not guilty) during the purge; not quite believing the Inquisitors could be wrong, but suspecting they could be somehow tricked into believing these guilty unrepentant worshippers of illegal gods to be innocent.

Sir Tessero Fabre

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