Suloran Sedris Vontor

Master of Archives at Chendy Abbey


Sedris Vontar, age 65, as Master of Archives, is responsible for the scriptorium and library, and for temple bookkeeping.

Sedris leaves day to day operation of the library entirely to Catlin Alean, and the bookkeeping is largely done by two matakea. He spends most of his time studying and, unless travelling, inspects the abbey’s holy relic, Saint Aedan’s shield daily.

Sedris is the eldest son of Sir Carlyn Vontar. He surrendered his right of inheritance to a younger brother, a fateful choice, since the family fief was lost to Tharda in the Kuseme War, and his brother died in its defence. Sedris is a noted scholar, and is recognized as one of the leading authorities on Laranian mysticism in the kingdom. He is fascinated by Osric Nedor, the young matakea with visionary powers, and has become his mentor. Sedris is often called to attend church councils where Laranian dogma Is endlessly debated, and to testify at temple courts as an expert on blasphemy, heresy, and witchcraft. The matakea sometimes refer to him as “The Inquisitor”, but never to his face, for he has no sense of humor.

Suloran Sedris Vontor

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