Toril Elcher

The grandmaster of the Order of Hyvrik and high priest of its temple in Aleath


An elderly statesman with a full white beard.


Born the 5th of Larane, 675 in Aleath, Clan Elcher sent him to the priesthood as the third child. His father is a twin from a family of 7 children who was lucky enough to marry Melias Udaryn, daughter of a wealthy merchant in Aleath. Toril gets along well with his siblings, but less so with his father’s siblings and their family. He is honored to be an uncle, and dotes on his brother Migray’ss children whenever he has a chance. His parents died more than 20 years ago, but he still speaks to them occasionally when he visits the Clan Elcher tomb.

Toril Elcher is renowned for his passionate sermons that cause even the most indifferent Laranian to heed the call of the “Shieldmaiden of the Worthy Cause.” Under Toril’s leadership, the order is once again receiving sizable donations from the faithful, most of are being directed to the order’s missionary efforts in the Thardic Republic and barbarian lands.

Toril was selected by the Serekela in 715 to replace the previous grandmaster, who was more interested in pondering theological minutia and tending his bees than in carrying out the political aspects of his duties. With Toril, the Serekela was confident that he had found a capable tool to further his own agenda.

Shortly after taking the office, Toril claimed to have a vision in which Saint Talroc chided him, saying that the order had lost its way and become too concerned with secular matters. Guided by the saint, he says, Toril has made a return to evangelism the focus of his leadership. More cynical observers see Toril’s “new direction” as a desperate attempt to remain relevant, since the order’s other responsibilities have been taken over by the central church hierarchy.


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Toril Elcher

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