Abroses Battle Axe

A finely crafted two-handed battleaxe that appears to be timeless.

weapon (melee)

A double-bladed Khuzdul battle axe, with a blade of pale silver and a haft between the blades of a darker silver. The wood of the haft is solid and very dark. The weapon is exceptionally heavy (20 lbs) and seems heavier when wielded in combat. Its blade has a near perfect edge that reflects the light as though it was cut.

Game mechanics
This is a 3x axe. It is as a normal battleaxe, but it costs 3x the fatigue in combat and does 3x the damage.


The tale of the axe:

I am the serpent that eats the world.
I was at its founding and I will be its end.
Abrose of Ithara was my servant
Upon his death he granted this blade
To those that saw him to heaven

This then, is his tale
Born into the wilds and wonders the hawks screamed at his birth.
He became lord of his dominion at a young age
as wars took his fathers and his brothers.
His sisters taught him the arts of war
and his uncles forged this blade. It was his life’s best work.
His aunt carved the words and blessed the blade.
He grew up in an age of peace, but peace degraded and war came quickly.

This blade knows dragons and has drunk their blood.
This blade has met enemies and been the victor.
This blade has known war, and life, and death.
This blade has seen tragedy of pestilence and plague.
It has seen the loss of love, of wealth, and garnered wisdom.

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Abroses Battle Axe

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