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  • Menekod

    [[File:177911 | class=media-item-align-right | open.png]] |*Realm*:|[[Kanday]]|*Holder*:|[[Checkered Shield]]| |*Population*:|750|*Liege*:|King of Kanday| An orderial fief in [[Perishire]]. This was originally a tribal hill fort, then a fortress …

  • Dinayn

    |*Location*:| [[Damorane Hundred]], [[Perishire]], [[Kanday]]| |*Government*:| Reblena| |*Land*:| 2260 acres| |*Land quality*:| 0.95| |*Population*:| 37 families| Dinayn is the eastern gateway to the Techen moor. A tower, surrounded by a wooden …

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