01 - A Principled Idea Buried In the Mud


A Principled Idea Buried In the Mud

This adventure is set in the spring of 718 TR.

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The song

The following is a song heard throughout the realm about the adventure. While the Good Abbey Folk are not named, many know of whom the song is sung. The Saint mentioned is Saint Setara; the patron saint of Sir Kjarri of Setara, and the resident Saint of Temple of Saint Ranuth and Saint Chelrik, in Selvos.

The abbey did dream of a saint’s bones
And Laramas visions guided them there
Twixed villagers determined to keep their saint
In Gebasath was true.

The party was placed in murder most foul
When a farmer died for his creed.
The village thought the murderer caught
Told by an arrow’s fletchings

Twas the young lad who seeks his daughter’s hand
Though a foreigner and stranger be
But the abbey’s good folk saw the stranger’s heart
And knew no taint was there.

Twas the young lad who seek his daughter’s hand
Though she loves the stranger true
But the abbey’s good folk saw the local lad’s heart
And knew the trick he pulled.

An arrow did not kill the old farmer man
But was placed there after his fall
So that love could be swayed and signs disobeyed
All at young lusts call.

The saint’s graceful hand laid blame direct
Upon her seer’s head And the Abbey’s good folk
had no other choice than to Take Laramas away
To seek the judicar.

The saint’s bones now reside in Selvos Town
The good Abbey folk claim true
But all know her spirit still lies in Gebasath
Protecting her home there too.

How it really went

And here are the player logs for the four sessions that the party spent trying to solve the mystery.

  • 01 – And so it begins Episode 1 14 Savor, 717 – 2 Nuzayel Where the party gets use to the rhythm of the temple and its people; and is assigned its first duty to retrieve the bones of a saint from Gebasath. (Game date: October 14, 2012)
  • 02 – On the road againHalf the adventure is supposed to be travel … no? 2 – 4 Nuzayel, 718 The arrival of the party in Gebasath (after a night in Akonis), is not warmly celebrated as the locals learn of their intent. (Game date: October 28, 2012)
  • 03 – The Plot Thickens4 – 5 Nuzayel As the party learns more about Harden’s death, they become more certain they know who did it; although the why remains elusive (Game date: November 25, 2012)
  • 04 – And so it endsWith a fight with the undead (of course). 6 – 7 Nuzayel Leaving the party in a graveyard overnight, what else could I do? Of course the undead fight. (Game date: December 2, 2012)

    Main Page>>Logs
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     721 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11
     722 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17,
     723 18, 19

01 - A Principled Idea Buried In the Mud

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