12 scrolls of Tessien


An ancient set of scrolls found in the library at Feneryn. Each of the original scrolls is written on brittle vellum and in fading black ink. Each scroll is wrapped in a small strip of silk and sealed with a wax seal bearing Workol the Astrologer’s personal symbol.


  • Twelve scrolls detailing the future city of Feneryn (never completed). Each scroll details a different aspect of the city. There are no marks as to what was completed, and what was planned. Margenta is noticeable lacking (perhaps it was scratched off?):
    1. detailed sewers, Maps and descriptions of the tunnels and rooms required to keep the valley drained and fresh water pulled in from the various sources throughout the marsh.
    2. City overview. The city was planned to hold 2,000 people plus their servants and workers. The overview shows the size of the lots given to each class of person living in the city. There is, surprisingly, no lots specified for married people nor people with children. The largest structure is the Astrarium, surrounded by parks. No building is over two stories tall, except the Astarium, which is four stories in height. Surprisingly, there are no farms within the city’s limits, nor any animal pens.
    3. Astarium ground level. A detailed map of the extended set of buildings at ground level.
    4. Astarium first level.
    5. Astarium second level.
    6. Astarium third level. This map also shows the rooftops of the surrounding buildings, but in lesser detail.
    7. Astarium foruth level.
    8. Feneryn roadways. A grand plan to create and pave a set of roads on a raised roadbed through the marsh to the western coast. The maps’ scale is huge, showing the path the road would take, which maps mostly to the high-spots in the Tenu heath in a general westerly direction.
    9. Feneryn waterways. A set of acquifers and acquiducts to bring in water from the north and east to Feneryn. There are no signs that this work was ever begun.
    10. The Astarium’s observatory. Detailed sketches of some giant device using lenses of high quality to observe the stars. The device should take up more than 1/2 the entire fourth level. Using it would allow one individual to view the stars.
    11. Supply plan. According to this scroll, three caravans would be required yearly to feed and supply the men living here. Details regarding the amounts of grain and meat required are excessively planned. The scroll raises many questions regarding contingencies against raiding and the ravages of the weather, but presents no solutions.
    12. Budget. A proposed budget that presents astronomical values for the cost of this completely-supported city. The scroll is a copy of the budget to be submitted to the Corani Emperor, but is undated, and perhaps wisely — unsigned.


Medium: Vellum
Language/Script: Emela/Khruni
Year: 520 TR
Copy Quality: Fine
Availability: Unique
Location: Fenyryn

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12 scrolls of Tessien

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