Lord of the Four Horsemen, Master of the V’hir, Immortal Warlord of Balgashang, Breeder of Plague, Squalor and Decay, The Reasonless Reaper, Tyrant of the Foul Chamber, Knower of the Ten Thousand Ways.

Agrik, the God diametrically opposed to Larani, is the principal deity of warriors who enjoy the dark side of war: rapine, pillage, cruelty, and destruction. It is said that the pious adherent of Agrik will learn as many of the Ten Thousand Ways (of inflicting pain) as possible.

Agrik dwells in his great flame-shrouded fortress of Balgashang among his attendant bat-winged, cloven-hooved, fire-enshrouded, hook-clawed, demonic servants called V’hir. Somewhere within the castle is Ak-Syt, the dreaded chamber of tortures. It is here that unspeakable demons practice the ten thousand ways on the hapless, unlamented dead. The location of the fortress is uncertain; some believe it to be at the center of Kethira. Agrik usually appears to mortals as a great V’hir with two claws missing from his left hand, bearing Gashang, his flaming mace, and Sycanus, his ichor-dripping sickle. His missing claws have caused him constant pain and anger since the goddess Larani severed them. Never forgetting this ancient indignity, only the terms of the Concordat Of The Illimitible Tome deter Agrik from seeking revenge. Some believe that Agrik will eventually attempt to assassinate the goddess regardless of the consequences; there is certainly no love lost between the fighting orders of the two deities.

The worship of Agrik on Hârn is concentrated in the Thardic Republic and the Kingdom of Rethem but there are a few followers in Orbaal and elsewhere. In Chybisa, Kaldor, Kanday, and Melderyn, it is a proscribed faith that carries the penalty of death by burning, an ironic punishment for adherents of the god of fire. The ritual garb of Agrik’s clergy is orange and black. Human sacrifice is practised, often in ritual combat with a champion of a fighting order.

On Hârn, seven clerical sects are devoted to the worship of Agrik; each sponsors its own fighting order. Dogmatic differences between the orders may be few but they constantly squabble, often with fatal consequences for innocent bystanders. Although he has great difficulty maintaining his authority, the primate of Agrik for Hârn is currently the grandmaster of the Order of Mamaka, Master of Steel, whose seat is in Golotha. The Amanasurif (pontiff) dwells in Lysara in Azeryan, where he is also a powerful secular lord.

The Agrikan clerical orders active on Hârn and their sponsored fighting orders are:

Clerical Order Fighting Order
Eight Demons Cohorts of Gashang
Fuming Gate Copper Hook
Herpa the Mace Red Shadows of Herpa
Kukshin Crimson Dancer
Octagonal Pit Demon Pameshlu The Insatiable
Pillar of Fire Roving Doom
Mamaka, Master of Steel Warriors of Mameka
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