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Map reference: [E8]
Realm: Kanday Status: Freetown
Population: 5,800 Charter: King of Kanday

Aleath is the fifth-largest settlement of Hârn and the largest in the Kingdom of Kanday. A seaport at the mouth of the River Eryn, Aleath is somewhat isolated from the rest of western Hârn. Aleath’s hinterland is only moderately fertile but still possesses a fairly dense population. Boat-building and fishing are significant. The townsfolk pride themselves on their high standards of architecture and civic cleanliness, although Aleath is outstanding only by Hârnic standards. The streets are regularly patrolled and the city is regarded as one of the safest spots on Hârn. Aleathians tend to regard outsiders as morally bankrupt, while they themselves are often deemed self-righteous, prudish snobs.

The city is a freetown, governed under royal charter by a mayor and 12 aldermen proposed by the Mangai and appointed by the king.


This was taken from the HârnDex, © 1983, 1990, N. Robin Crossby and Columbia Games Inc.

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