The seventh month of the year by Tuzyn Reckoning is named after the Azure bowl, a symbol of the god Siem. Azura is the first month of autumn.

Medieval calendar

To the farmers, Azura is a busy month as they: harvest peas; breed cattle; harvest honey; plow fields for winter grain; sow winter wheat and rye; harvest apples, blackberries; take excess stock to market.

To the merchants, the fall caravanning season begins. As soon as a merchant has sufficient goods, he’ll set off with his wagon(s) or ship(s). Weekly local markets are full of produce from the summer and it is the start of a time of plenty.

Soldiers and other non-farmers are often pressed to work the land and guard merchant caravans in Azura when the rains are still light and travel is easy.

Holy days & festivals of the month.

4 PeoniLesser Sapelah (lay mass)
5 LaraniSoratir (lay mass)
6 Save K’norVelere (lay mass)
7 HaleaShesneala Day (lay mass)
8 AgrikLow Ceremony of the Balefire (lay mass)
12 PeoniLesser Sapelah (lay mass)
13 MorgathDegrees of Nyardath (high mass)
14-17 PeoniGreater Sapelah (purification ritual)
15 LaraniSoratir (lay mass) Yaelah
SiemNight of High Perspective (lay mass)
20 PeoniLesser Sapelah (lay mass)
25 LaraniSoratir (lay mass)
26 MorgathShadryn-Vars (lay mass)
28 PeoniLesser Sapelah (lay mass)
30 SiemNight of Silent Renewal (lay mass)
NavehDezenaka (high mass) Yaelmor


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