The Shield of Belsirasin

The order of the Shield of Belsirasin is a splinter group within the Irreproachable Order (the male order of Peonian priests). They specialize in dealing with illnesses of the mind and soul; everything from phobias, mental disorders to spiritual possession.

The order has a series of chapels throughout Kanday, and the odd member wanders Rethem with the Order of Maremal, and in Tharda as mendicant priests. While some have traveled elsewhere on the island, few have made it to the mainland and returned.

The Order of the Checkered Shield has sponsored two temples to the Shield of Belsirasin, one in Menekod and one in Dunir. Both are simple houses with extensive hedges growing around their borders. Many say the hedges are haunted, moving in defense of the order and at the priest’s command.

The Shieldmen (or Belsirasins) often take in orphans, training them to be Peonians or at least good citizens.

Note that the more common name for the Belsirasins is “weepers”, due to the fact that Saint Belsirasin is always depicted as covering his face as he weeps.

Source: Irreporachable Order
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