The Bera is a 64’ Dak


Home Port Janera, Trierizon
Owner (Distant) Mantis Jorher
Crew 26 men (5 officers, 21 seamen)
Passengers 0


The Bera was built in Janera in 698TR, and commissioned by its owner Mantis Jorher as one of six ships, destined to travel in the deep seas between the islands to the west.

It comes to Selvos once every two to three years, before its last stop at Golotha. It then turns south and returns to Aleath before stopping again.


The crew is a mix of people, some from Trierizon, but most from far-flung parts of Lythia. The crew speaks a polyglot of languages with Harnic amongst them.



  • 12 able-bodied seamen
  • 7 ordinary seamen
  • 1 cook (ordinary seamen)
  • 1 chippy
  • 1 merchant

Typical cargo

The Bera tends to carry wines, expensive potions, elixirs, expensive ingredients, and fine vintages for cider, in return for the exotics of Harn.

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