Book of Alamire

discretionary.pngThis holy text is often copied into smaller books, or as a whole by the priests and monks of Larani. It is a collection of life lessons, dreams, and stories of the first saint of Larani, Saint Ambrathas of Alamire.

Versions of this book are often illustrated but never adorned.

The original Book of Alamire breaks into 7 chapters, each of which is self-contained:

  • Book of Three Towers – primary account of Alamire
  • Book of Toras – the 8 challenges of Ambrathas in detail
  • Book of Doryna – the overall story
  • Book of Simyn – life at Alamire, symbolic and literal
  • Book of Revelations – prophecies and mysteries learned by the saint
  • Book of Naraen – vision of Tirithor
  • Book of Gorthas – vision of Larani’s kingdom on earth


A complete study of this book allows a qualified individual to improve Ritual:Larani/1 per chapter. This can take weeks of quiet study and contemplation.

Typically only large temples contain the entire book of Alamire, although there are copies carried by mendicant priests to distant outposts of the faith.
|.Skill|_.Original.Per chapter|
|Ritual/Larani |58/3|58/1|
|Lore/Larani|90/5 |60/1|


Medium: Parchment/Leather
Language/Script: Emela/Khruni
Year: 232 TR
Copy Quality: Fine
Availability: Unique
Location: Any large temple

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Book of Alamire

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