Burkai Device

The Burkai Device is a point of great debate among scholars.
While few like to admit that a religion changes, there are stories from before Morgath found the Burkai Device. The following is considered a common teaching to most of the priests of the “good” gods (Peoni, Halea, Larani, Save-K’nor, and even Sarajin). Morgathian priests differ on its truth, and there are no Morgathian holy texts to consult to confirm or deny the tale. Navehians and Ivinians have not been consulted for this passage.

In ancient times, when the first gods were present, they divided their power and gave its providence to the new gods that we know now.
How the power was divided, or if any was left over is another tale lost through time.
Morgath was given the power over the dead and dying. It was his job to separate the firmament and the sky of the living from the realms of the dead.
These dark places contained creatures that could not survive within the realms of the living; some were so powerful they would transform the realms of the living into a likeness unto themselves.
A few tales (often told to scare children) claim it is into these realms that the ancient gods descended; although whether they died, transformed, or simply ceased to be is a great topic of debate for theologians – no one outside the Morgathian cast has ever seen these realms.
The realms of Naveh are said to border the realms of the dead; which are again a different place than the heavens of the good gods.

So if the dead of the followers of the good gods do not go to the realms of the dead – it creates a puzzlement as to what purpose these realms serve.
The Burkai Device is believed to be a piece of left-over creation that was intended to shape a doorway between the realm of the gods and the realm of the dead. This device was in and of itself alive in its own way, with its own mind and intentions. Some say it quarrelled with Morgath, others believe it thought itself to be a god equal in power to Morgath. Regardless, all tales agree the device (or perhaps what it showed him) drove him mad.

There are many unanswered questions about the Burkai device and its relationship with Morgath; what is known is that the ancient religion that believes Morgath to be the gatekeeper between the living and the dead do not mention the Burkai device in their teachings. Discussions with priests from Coranan have resulted in the belief that the device does not exist. And that this “other Morgath” is mankind’s corruption of a power that is pretending to be something else. No demon or foul creature can subsume the name of a god, but the Burkai device seems to be the closest successful attempt they have ever found.

- Musings of Serolan Barald Palgen on the nature of the Burkai device.

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Burkai Device

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