The calender now used throughout Hârn takes the foundation of the Kingdom of Melderyn as its Year 1. Tuzyn Reckoning was devised in 130 by Tuzyn of Melderyn, a court astronomer in the reign of Erebir III, but was backdated to the founding of the kingdom. Throughout the last six centuries, this calender has gradually been adopted by all Harnic states, replacing a multitude of calenders, most too inaccurate to be useful. The Sindarin and the Khuzdul, however, still retain their own calenders. Most uncivilized tribes use some form of sun/moon reckoning. Dates given in The Harnic calendar is counted according to the Tuzyn Reckoning. The count of years may be preceded or followed by the symbol TR. Historians have come to use BT (Before Tuzyn) to identify years before the foundation of Melderyn.

The Tuzyn calender has 12 lunar months, each of 30 days, for a total of 360 days in one Harnic year.

Months Of The Tuzyn Calendar

The first day of the year is deemed the beginning of spring. It was originally set to coincide with the vernal equinox but an error of nearly one day has since developed.

Spring Summer Autumn Winter
1. Nuzyael 4. Nolus 7. Azura 10. Ilvin
2. Peonu 5. Larane 8. Halane 11. Navek
3. Kelen 6. Agrazhar 9. Savor 12. Morgat

Moons and holidays

A new moon occurs on the thirtieth day of each month (Yaelmor) and a full moon on the fifteenth (Yaelah). Both are holidays in most parts of Harn. Other holidays are scattered throughout the year based on planting, harvesting, and religious festivals; these vary by locale.

A week

The traditional week is 10 days long. The days do not have names, and are instead counted. Different towns and cities will have different days for when the main markets are open; and these are as apt to be seasonal as not.

Numerology is important to all religions, and specific dates are seen as holy. Refer to the specific religions, or the month for more information.


This information (with minor edits) was taken from HârnWorld.

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