discretionary.pngcassean_tmb.pngClan Cassean was among the families loyal to Anadasin I during his years of exile. Sir Kuri Cassean was a loyal retainer and among the founding members of the Order of the Checkered Shield. He quickly rose to the position of Reblena through his bold actions during the campaigns to capture much of what it now Noreashire, notably leading the campaign against Lord Hyek of Heroth.

In 630, Sir Kuri retired from the order to become the Baron of Ewen. In 635, he was also appointed Sheriff of Noreashire and, in 647, Earl of Heroth. Sir Kuri died in 654, and was succeeded by his eldest son, Sir Menda Cassean.

In 659 King Ashenan died without heir, creating a succession crisis for the new Kingdom of Kanday. Earl Menda, with support from the Order of the Checkered Shield, campaigned to be crowned the new monarch of Kanday as the kingdom’s largest landholder. Facing strong opposition from the Republicans of Aleath, Menda agreed to the succession of the 46 year old widow of Ashenan, Queen Arelora.

As a practical matter, Menda regarded his succession as simply a matter of time and acted in all ways as a crown prince. When the Five Year War with Tharda broke out in 661, Earl Menda was appointed Lord Marshal of Kanday and led the armies of Kanday against the Thardic Republic. Sir Menda proved to be far less skilled in the military arts than his father, and after two years of minor skirmishing, was killed at the
disastrous Battle of the Teb Marshes.

The earldom was inherited by Menda’s son Duram, who remained a ward of the crown until he came of age in 670. By that time, Queen Arelora had removed all doubt concerning the monarchy of Kanday and the line of succession. In addition, the newly appointed Earl of Kuseme made for a strong counter to the Earl of Heroth.

Sir Duram sought to restore the stature of his family. He provided support to Sheriff Grolis Chahryn in Perishire when the Order of the Copper Hook attacked in 682. In 688 and 689, his work paid off in the form of two new baronies swearing fealty to him, the Baron of Findumon, and the Baron of Sepire, former minor kingdoms. Unfortunately, the Earl was overshadowed by the work of Sir Grolis, who was appointed Lord Marshal until the peace of Selvos was signed in 697.

Sir Duram died in 700 and was succeeded by the current earl, Sir Sinel. Sir Sinel is a pious Laranian, and a lay member of the Order of the Checkered Shield. He is an ambitious aristocrat, and seeks to marry his daughter, Dorthea, to King Andasin IV. Lady Dorthea is 17 and quite intelligent. She is also rather shrewish and said to be a great challenge for whoever she does wed. The earl’s younger brother, Sir Kenis is the bailiff of Govendel manor to the south of Heroth and the bondmaster of Heroth, responsible for collecting all commercial taxes for the earl.

The earl’s eldest son, Sir Rogan, is the constable for Heroth and manages the day to day affairs of the castle, while the earl’s younger son, Sir Kuri, is a melana of the Checkered Shield at Dovan manor. Both are unwed, and Sir Rogan is rumored to dislike the company of women.

The earl also has several half siblings married to various prominent nobles of Kanday. Of note is the youngest, Sir Maxim, who is the captain of the royal guard in Dyrisa.

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