Chendy Abbey


Location: Selonshire, Kingdom of Kanday
Status: Fief of the Church of Larani
Government: Serolan Iblis Milaka
Populalion: 205(village), 31 (abbey)
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Chendy is a prosperous Laranian abbey held by the Order of Hyvrik from the Rekela of Temula. The abbey has approximately 2670 acres including an attached village of the same name. It is located on the southeastern edge of Ternu Heath, a moorland in southwestern Kanday.

Chendy is located in Asolena Hundred, one of seven districts in the shire of Selon. Sheriff Jens Demilaen, assisted by his bailiffs of the hundred, is responsible for security and administering the King’s justice in Selonshire. Only four of the hundreds have Bailiffs; the hundreds of Lakane, Raden, and Tamsen are sparsely settled and are administered directly by the Sheriff.

The Sheriff maintains his seat at Avertu, a small town four leagues south of Chendy. The Bailiff of Asolena has his seat at Asolen, two leagues south of Chendy, but six leagues by road. Courts are held at regular intervals, every three months at the shire moot of Avertu, and monthly in the hundred moot of Asolen.

Of the 41 peasant families living in Chendy, 5 are freemen and 36 are serfs. The main difference between them and the freeholders is their legal status. The shire courts are open only to freemen. Serfs have no access to the king’s justice, cannot leave the land, and cannot marry or inherit without their lord’s permission. But serfs are not slaves; the land they work cannot be taken without lawful reason. Judicial matters concerning serfs are resolved by customary law at a monthly court administered by the manorial lord, in this case by the Serolan of Chendy Abbey. The Serolan also protect the serfs and provides help in case of crop failures, cattle epidemics, and the like.

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Chendy Abbey

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