Map reference: L7 Kingdom type: Constitutional monarchy
Housholds: 1,931 Acrage: 125,450 Average Land Quality: 1.22
Ruling bodies: King Verlid VII of Burzyn
Religious status: Accepted Larani, Peoni, Proscribed: Agrik, Naveh, Morgath, Neutral: Siem, Save-K’nor, Halea, Sarajin

Chybisa is H├órn’s smallest state, a tiny kingdom on the south bank of the Ulmerien River. The kingdom was founded in 160 by a mixed group of immigrants from Melderyn.

Chybisa was once significantly larger but lost most of its territory to rampaging Pagaelin and Hodiri tribesmen during the Migration Wars. Five centuries later, the kingdom still maintains a delicate independence, although it has twice come under the control of foreign powers, Melderyn (409-475) and Kaldor (678-687).

Chybisa contains some of Harn’s most impressive fortifications, particularly the royal castle at Burzyn. Unlike other feudal kingdoms on Harn, Chybisa is not divided into shires and has no earldoms.

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