Compendium of necromantic lore

open.pngThe Compendium of necromantic lore is one of the best known books to be banned by the Shek-P’var for the misuse of Fyvrian principles and lore. The Compendium purports to be the last words of Tyanal of Emelrene, in his attempt to create his version of Genin’s On learning the art. The distorted philosophy, as presented, is a tale of madness, with surprisingly detailed images showing working lines of blood and muscles in motion. The most popular images are of food passing through the human body and a surprisingly expounded set of images depicting a beating human heart. Masters in the esoteric art of Fyvria claim the book could only have been written after several sessions of vivisection.

Images aside, the many pages of tight and somewhat garbled script require significant study to read. No master who admits to having reviewed the book claim to understand it. The author purports to have found a way to bring the dead back to life, and through this study, understand the power of the Burkai Device, without invoking any higher power. The explanations of how to invoke life do not match with the philosophies of Genin nor do they match any known, accepted teachings.

While the guild of the Arcane Lore has banned this book, copies of it keep turning up from time to time. These copies lack the color and detail of the original; and often written in an even tighter and smaller hand than the original. A few contain discrepancies and additional notes from what would seem to be further study on the subject.

This book, and its copies, are not believed to be Morgathian in nature, but they are treated as such by the church of Larani.

The Black Book

The Black Book is a loyal copy of the original, believed to be in the libraries of Berema. While exceedingly rare outside of Berema, the book is often traded and sold on the quality of its illustrations alone. True copes traditionally have a black leather cover without decoration. The books lack the precious metals that adorn other copies, but instead is colored in rich and vibrant colors of reds, blues, and greens.

Author Tyanal of Emelrene
Year c. 478TR
Medium Parchment/Leather
Pages 310
Language/Script Thota/Lakise
Street value 200d+
Copies 10+

Location: All known copies are kept secure within libraries of the Shek-P’var. The temples of knowledge will deny the existence of the books.

The Forbidden lore

The Forbidden lore version was produced sometime in the last 50 years. It is a popular rendition, often including only one or two of the major images and selected passages from the original written in a complex code. The book is coveted for the codex required to decipher it almost as much as the book itself. The codex is a single sheet of engraved silver.

Author Unknown
Year c. ~630TR
Medium Parchment/Leather
Pages 30-100
Language/Script Harnic/Runic
Street value 25d
Copies 30+

Location: Various copies show up in public markets from time to time, but it is unreadable without the silver codex (which is made up of 240d worth of silver).

The Golothian Mystery

The Golotian mystery version is full of black and white images that lack some of the detail found in the color images of the original. The text alternates between matching a corrected version of the Black Book and odd notes and cryptic passages that are reminiscent of the Forbidden lore version; but the encoded (and the decoded) versions of the text do not match. There is no claimed author for the new information, but many assume it is penned by Queen Erela Lenesque of Rethem. This is publicly denied.

Author Queen Erela Lenesque of Rethem?
Year c. ~710TR
Medium Parchment/Leather
Pages 120
Language/Script Harnic/Runic
Street value 18d
Copies 10+

Location: Considered the equivalent of a personal grimoire, a few copies of this work are publicly available in Golotha. Elsewhere, copies are more likely only found in private libraries. Laranians are known to destroy copies as they find them.

Skill Black book Forbidden lore Golothian mystery
Alchemy ML 46-72 ML 34-50 ML 30-70
Fyvria ML 10-24 ML 15-30 ML 50-90
Physicianry ML 60-80 ML 22-45 ML 50-70

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