Counsels of Tirrala

Type: Personal/Library copy
Cover: Leather, simple/Leather over wood
Paper type: Vellum
Illustrated: Yes
Script: Lakise
Lanuage: Azeryi


The Counsels of Tirrala are a set of parables, written in broken verse, from the first Peonian doctor. She is married to Belsirasin the Weeper. The parables explain the basic philosophies of early medicine; claiming the stomach is the house of illness, and the mind the source of all pain and freedom from illness. The counsels have few actual recipes for potions or specific healing prayers. Instead there are diagrams of the body and relations from it to the seasons, the elements, and the aspects of Peoni.

The Counsels are studied carefully by Peonians who tend the sick, and the elderly, for its passages explain how some foods are best when the patient is ill, and others are required when the patient is healing. The diseases and issues described are simple: broken bones, fading eyesight, painful hands; all the illnesses of a farming community. The Councsels primarily describe what can be fixed “a mittaine” and over what must be prayed.

Several verses are devoted to the equipment of a physician, and the absolute cleanliness that must be maintained. Tools and linens alike must be boiled and dried in the pure sunlight of the noonday sun. Only the whitest cloth may be placed on a wound, and the grasses of certain plants (once treated with special alcohols). The items described are typical in a Peonian’s or Physician’s kit.

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Counsels of Tirrala

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