A shire in the Kingdom of Kanday; shire moots are held at Edino Keep. The shire is well settled in the west, including the principal royal castle at Dyrisa Castle, but the east is largely forested and unsettled, containing the disputed Mimean Hills.

The hills are at the edge of territories recently taken by the Thardic Republic from Kanday (in the Kuseme War of 712TR). In addition, the edges of the shire are inhabited by tribesmen who do not recognize Kanday’s rule.

Hundreds Hundred Moot Market Held by1
Aleur Forest Hundred Kedis (Aleura), Sumon (Idister)
Dunzael Dunzael Edino Edino (Edino, Dunzael] Buniryne, Gibrale, Incella, Jocun, Libost, Notu, Ruta, Shyndaer, Viberyne), Shreve (Chydaen, Ubar)
Kandis Jubas Dyrisa Dyrisa (Dyrisa, Bagny, Blainer, Dyra, Elvan, Ibin, Padren, Tidlur, Vogla, Wugan, Yandy), Edino (Jubas), Heroth (Trakalin), Sepire (Humla), Shreve (Shreve, Dafarn, Nylen)
Mimean Forest Hundred
Mineous Forest Hundred
Mirwyn Daleton Ohetis Ohetis (Alforn, Bystaku, Candos, gekun, Hanzar, Herot, Jobo, Lynfarn), Shreve (Keld, Xerle)
Teba Hostu Ibonost Edino (Hostu), Ibonost (Ibonost, Byndu, Boren, clerdy, Colhyn, Gedryn, Holdir, Rekel, Tyve, Wynlisn), Shreve (Venric)

1 Lands held by feudal lords do not respect shire or even hundred boundaries. The major holding is followed by the particular manor in the shire (in brackets).

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