Damorane Hundred


Damorane hundred sits along the Kanday-Rethem border, established by agreement during the signing of the Peace of Selvos in 697TR between the two kingdoms. The border is a porous one, despite long years of strife, and trade is plentiful between the two kingdoms even though the Order of the Copper Hook and the Order of the Checkered Shield still argue over the borders. Numerous ruins line the edges of northern Kanday, most are considered haunted or worse, home for bandits that plague the hundred.

The Order of the Checkered Shield holds most of the lands in Damorane hundred, with only two smaller fiefs in the hands of the priestly order of Hyvrik. By occupying and maintaining watch over this section of the border, the Order of the Checkered Shield keeps watch over the forces of the Order of the Copper Hook to the south in the lands around Hyen, and the lands of the Rethemi Baron of Omnis to the north.

Fief Lord Administrator Settlement Acres LQ H/hlds Notes
   Corameth Bakyth (p) Serolan Erone 3640 1.06 57 Abbey
     Seay Bakyth (p) Bailiff  Erone 2140 1.06 34  
  MENEKOD OCS Chabla  Menekod 2940 1.05 150 Castle town
   Andersa OCS  Reblena  Menekod 3120 1.06 57  
     [[Jabu OCS  Bailiff  Menekod 2140 1.06 39  
   Antivar OCS  Reblena  Menekod 2950 1.07 55  
     Darobi OCS  Ruin  Menekod 0 0 0 Ruins
   Arcul OCS  Bailiff  Menekod 1940 1.07 36  
   Budy OCS  Bailiff  Menekod 2030 1.04 34  
   Dinayn OCS  Reblena  Menekod 2260 0.95 37 Border manor
   Haval OCS  Bailiff  Menekod 2040 1.07 37  
   Luryn OCS  Reblena  Menekod 2940 1.07 51  
     Dinord OCS  Bailiff  Menekod 2100 1.06 36  
     Redegy OCS  Bailiff  Menekod 1920 1.08 33  
   Stedmarie OCS  Reblena  Menekod 3830 1.09 58 Border Manor
     Mizor OCS  Bailiff  Menekod 2300 1.08 39  
   Verad OCS  Bailiff  Menekod 1850 1.05 30  
   Waldel (bh) OCS  Reblena  Menekod 3150 1.08 49 Hundred Moot
     Sebru OCS  Bailiff  Menekod 2460 1.08 39  
   Wenery OCS  Reblena  Menekod 4240 1.09 64 Haunted manor
     Asindel OCS  Ruin  Menekod 0 0 0 Ruins
     Edim OCS  Ruin  Menekod 0 0 0 Ruins
     Tekon OCS  Bailiff  Menekod 1940 1.08 31  
   Wernu OCS  Bailiff  Menekod 2150 1.05 34  
   Yorni OCS  Bailiff  Menekod 2230 1.06 33  

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Damorane Hundred

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