Map reference: [D8]
Realm: Kanday, Kingdom Of Holder: Baron Xelados
Population: 515 Liege: Earl of Selvos

The first fortification at Dunir was built by Xuaka of Aleathia in 437 and later became a Corani legionary fortress and minor naval base. During the Interregnum, Dunir was an independent state, but eventually joined with Kanday. In 654, Dunir surrendered to King Arlun of Rethem, who had taken advantage of the death of Andasin II. In 681, King Nemiran of Rethem granted Dunir to the Agrikan fighting order, the Copper Hook. The keep was besieged by the Kandians during Ezar’s War and fell in 693. The commander of the victorious army, Sir Yuri of Xelados, was raised to baron in 695 and made a vassal of the Earl of Selvos.

Yuri is now 63 and, although he is troubled by gout, he has lost none of his youthful enthusiasm for hunting, drinking, and lechery. His son, Sir Pavers Xelados performs the day-to-day tasks to running Dunir and the surrounding lands. He is aided by his wife, Lady Miara Korades, with whom he has a 3 year old boy named Yuri.

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