Dureve Hundred


One of the newest regions of the kingdom, Dureve Hundred has only been in Kandian hands for 23 years, since Rethem seceded it to Kanday as part of the peace of Selvos, ending Ezar’s War. The Order of the Copper Hook, the former holders of the Hundred, have never acknowledged the treaty. Except for the Hundred Moot and two chapter houses, the entire Hundred is the holding of the Earl of Selvos. The primary industry of the hundred is Sheep Farming.

The Order of the Checkered Shield holds two manors in the Hundred. They belong to the Bishop of Perinore, Rekela Sir Tamys Bakyth, who has his seat in Erone. A knight who served under Sir Grolis during Ezar’s War, he has ordered his Reblena to heed the Earl on all manners of denfence of the Hundred. Spiritually, the manors report to the senior regional cleric, The Serolan of Selvos.

The Sheriff of Peris, Prince Anaflas Milaka (younger brother of the King) holds the manor of Kesethy, the Hundred Moot for Dureve. Located 20 leagues away at Imiden Keep, he has little involvement in the running of the Hundred. Provided the taxes are delivered on time and he receives no major complaints, he is content to leave well enough alone.

Manor Hundred Holder Acres Land HH Notes
Selvos Dureve Chahryn 1950 0.91 116 Castle town
Akonis Dureve Tralaer 2140 0.87 33
Balever Dureve Marlaen 1830 0.91 29 Fishing port
— Urost Dureve Bailiff 1490 0.90 20 Forestry
Boba Dureve Flanzel 1870 0.90 30
Elidar Dureve Elida 1750 0.90 27
Erkuba Dureve Bailff 1650 0.91 23 Fishing port
Gebasath Dureve Bailiff 1830 0.86 25
Geffin Dureve Inkathy 1820 0.90 29
Hemhur Dureve Wardotte 2390 0.89 35
Jazo Dureve Delreyn 1850 0.89 26
Minter Dureve Bailiff 1790 0.91 289 Fishing port
Ondravy Dureve Arindel 1940 0.88 30
Paldur Dureve Bailff 1640 0.91 24
Ryvila Dureve Narquen 2020 0.88 31
Sheveth Dureve Spondyner 18220 0.90 27
— Nidown Dureve Bailiff 1530 0.90 25
Terna Dureve Lazcaver 1930 90 31
— Vima Dureve Bailiff 1640 0.90 24
Tiney Dureve Ulander 1780 0.90 25
Trilby Dureve {Porisand 1930 0.89 30 Quarry
Wintessa Dureve Grallin 1740 0.87 26
Ilikur Dureve Bailiff 1460 0.87 21 Iron Mines
Erinath Dureve Reblena 2950 0.88 43 Chapterhouse
Grelda Dureve Reblena 3210 0.89 46 Chapterhouse
Kesethy Dureve B/H 2330 0.89 39 Hundred Moot

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Dureve Hundred

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