elcher.pngClan Elcher came to prominence after Korlim Elcher seized Cuton keep following the collapse of the Theocracy of Tekhos in 588. Korlim established an independent petty state which he ruled until his death in 611.

Korlim’s son, Osnan, succeeded his father, and soon allied with the newly formed Second Republic of Aleath. Osnan died in 620, leaving the fief to his sister, Pella. Pella proved to be a strong leader, and ruled over Cuton until her death in 635, resisting overtures from the Kingdom of Kanday. Pella was succeeded by her daughter Arelora.

The young Arelora was a true heir to her grandfather and mother. When the Republic of Aleath joined the Kingdom of Kanday, Arelora recognized that Cuton must eventually join Kanday, and carefully negotiated the destiny of her holding. In 639, she was married to the King of Kanday’s younger brother, Ashenan and Cuton joined the Kingdom of Kanday.

The marriage proved to be a strictly political affair, with Arelora spending much of her time in Cuton while Ashenan split time between Dyrisa and Ibonost. In 654, Ashenan succeeded to the throne of Kanday, and in 659 died without heir.

At this point, the succession of Kanday was very much in doubt, with the royalists led by the Earl of Heroth contesting the succession with the republicans of Aleath. As an interim measure, the two sides agreed to crown Ashenan’s widow, the 46 year old Arelora. However, both sides continued to campaign and negotiate the succession which must eventually come when the Thardic League conquered Moleryn in 661.

The outcome of the Five Year’s War left no doubt as to Arelora’s authority. Arelora arranged several advantageous marriages for her clan and established clear succession for both Kanday and Cuton before dying in 676. Arelora was succeeded as Baron of Cuton by her second cousin, Iman. Iman was Baron of Cuton for five uneventful years until his death, when he was succeeded by his grandson, Taras, in 681.

In 693, Eriel made the Baron of Cuton a vassal of the Earl of Sarkum as a favor to Mirelael, the queen’s sister and the earl’s wife, with the intent that the revenues would help rebuild the earl’s war torn estates. Mirelael came to enjoy the seaside retreat from Aleath and continued to enjoy time there after her succession to the throne.

As a result of these visits, Taras’ son, Rykkan, came to be a close friend of Anaflas Milaka, the younger brother of the king and heir to the Earl of Sarkum, a friendship which continues to the present day.

Taras and his wife Cabela both died of a fever in 719, making Rykkan the current baron. Rykkan was devastated by his parents passing, but seems to have recovered and has been more energetic of late.

Of Rykkan’s many relatives, a couple merit further note. His cousin, Sir Aras, commands the White Rose Company of the city guard in Aleath, while a more distant cousin, Toril, is the Serolan of Larani in Aleath. Serolan Toril is also a member of the City Council of Aleath. Serolan Toril’s older brother, Sir Migray, serves as the Lord Advocate in Dyrisa.

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