A shire in the Kingdom of Kanday; shire moots are held at Kedis. The shire is just east of the Eryn river, and includes Aleath at its southernmost tip. It is bordered by the Eryn river to the east and north, and stretches of the forest to the west. The region has a surplus of charcoal, wood, stone and wool; and a demand for everything except linen.

Hundreds Hundred Moot Market Held by1
Aleta Dovyn Aleath Cuton (Amaceda, Cemior, Esalon, gelerand, Rabint (Talgo), Robister), Kedis (Dovyn (Waldu), Lorikyn (Rolarn), Skune (Guber, Ashendu), Sumon (Bilor), Welur (Welur, Dundy (Oza), Kostim, Nadar), Maryel (Maryel, Radeth, Witney)
Dyrien Dyriens Kedis (Dyriens (Okifa)), (Cyen), Heldaka, Nazindel (Bovaen, Gute)
Horkand Hork Sumon Kedis (Hork (Vedin)), Minilanous (Rokindel (Oskal, Venost), Sumon (Sumon, Bary, Berketh, Geldan, Jibly, Karval, Rica, Yorkyna), Welur (Denwuldy (Gizal, Kejuni)
Kedisa Upindel Kedis Kedis (Kedis, Upindel, Abery (Erane, Ivella), Amorayne (Amoras), clensal, Emardyn (Velda), Feldhume, Obur, Quinera, Tymorn (Sald)< Wovard (Elaro)), Ohetis (Terveral (Lodis)), Selvos (Lyb (Ferine, Ilune, Lydi)), Sumon (Jasalon, Koffa, Pindu), Welur (Gydd (Hekra), Tepras (Milinda)

1 Lands held by feudal lords do not respect shire or even hundred boundaries. The major holding is followed by the particular manor in the shire (in brackets).

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