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Location: Dureve Hundred, Perishire, Kanday
Government: Held by a Bailiff for the Earl of Selvos
Land: 18300 acres
Population: 25 families

Gebasath Village map

Isolated and alone, Gebasath is a combination of an outpost and a sheep farm. Run by the Earl’s brother-in law’s brother, the manor has over 1000 sheep. The proximity to the frontier means that there is no one to object if the sheep graze a little outside the official manor boundaries. The manor house is a small fort. Built of stone with high courtyard walls and a three-story square tower, it includes a large barracks. Sir Noani Julander hires many shepherds to help work the flock and he prefers men comfortable wit the bow and spear. They may only be shepherds and servants, but they can fight well from inside the manor. The manor has two hands of soldiers, Sargent Maern and Sargent Thoern, and 12 shepherds to manage the herds.


The town, founded in 645, is only 5 miles from its original location under the Theocracy Of Tekhos. The town was razed in the fall, and rebuilt a few generations later, but was nothing more than a sheep hamlet until 670 when Sir Ondravy Julander successfully convinced the Kandian thrown that the only way to make Gebaseth function was to turn it into an armed manor. While it lacks a crenelation license, the heavily fortified manor is a bailey under another name.

The region is filled with ruins; villages destroyed by fire, by raiding, and even by war. All the stone used in the foundations of the village homes was taken from the fields and the ruins of previous settlements. And still the settlers here occasionally find more stone when they till the land.

1 Farmer – Felestra of Meylyn

Felestra is a widow with two children. She hires hands to help herd over sixty sheep and has one of the largest freehold farms in the Hundred. Her late father is fondly remembered by the older members of the village, and many offer what help they can to the troubled widow. While she has had her fair number of suitors, she has denied them all, as she suspects her fading beauty and children is heavily offset by the size of her farm.

Her two children are Maldi and Erde; both old enough to help with the farm. Maldi is a young maid of 12. She knits when she’s in the pasture watching the flock. Erde is an active boy of 14. Old enough to want to take control of the flock, but still young enough to forget his duties if the weather is pleasant and a young maiden is watching.

2 Farmer – Angin

Angin is locally known as the man who married for love. His wife, Evlyn, has born him 10 children, 6 of which by Peoni’s grace still live. Her oldest, Laendy, married Anflor from nearby Wintessa, and moved into the family home. Anflor brought two cows as payment for the marriage; and the family has a dozen sheep as well. Halenia, Angin’s sister, is a swine herd, taking the sheep out into pasture daily. The other aunt, Kerana and the oldest 2 daughters (Rabain, Erenila) along with Anflor weave fine cloth for sale through the manor. The younger children (Lard, Charance and Rolinis) work the fields and help their mother with the weaving.

3 Farmer – Bordane

Bordane married Sharass for her father’s farm. They eventually fell in love, but their match was long known as convenient for both families. Sharass bore 4 children, and now looks after Bordane’s parents. They own three hogs, a sow, and two chickens. The family does some weaving, but Bordane is best known as a carpenter. While he does not do woodworking professionally, he is constantly whittling; and has made most of the stools, tables and decorative works that adorn the nearby houses. His pride and joy is the local tavern’s sign. His two sons, Urtil and Osgar, has the same knack.

Synund Mereral are responsible for the vegetable patch and oversee the family herd.

4 Tavern & Ostlery – Queen’s Beer

The tavern is a local gathering place. Founded by Marberel, he and Bordane are good friends. Marberel paid Bordane for the woodwork in baked goods, ale, and a surprising amount of coin. Marberel comes from southern Kanday originally, and he came north and paid the locals for their assistance in building the tavern. There are two small rooms upstairs that are often used for borders. The tavern is managed by seven women (Melke, Rile, Penelena, Mena, Jyka, Haelya, and Quldel) from the surrounding areas. There is a small ostlery at the far side of the vegetable gardens. Merlael works as the local ostler.

5 Farmer – Eldlen

Elden is a widower with two boys (Taran M/8, Korial M/10). With their help, he manages the village’s two oxen. Their small farm is quite prosperous. Elden’s wife was an herbalist who died in a raid in 718TR. Elden tends her garden the way she always did. Soldiers and Father Tam buy cultivated herbs for him at a good price. He still has herb right in the area, and collects yearly as needed. His boys know their mother’s art as best Elden can teach them; but he hopes to get one of the apprenticed to a proper herbalist as soon as they turn 12.

6 Graveyard

The graveyard is one of the possible resting places for Setara of Setha Heath. The graveyard is quite old, and there are more gravestones embedded in the dirt than known people buried here. Rumors abound about the walking dead, and numerous Morgathians buried beneath now-holy soil. The graveyard entrance is marked by two small statues; one of Larani in her armor and one of Mendiz, The Lion Of Dolithor rampant. Locals believe that the two statues are all that hold the dead beneath their stones. That, and the very heavy capstones placed atop each grave.

7 Farmer – Harden

Harden is considered the local leader, and the one to most-regularly deal with the local bailiff when he visits. His wife, Balane and their three children (Ugart, Lomis, and Helina) manage their small herd of goats, the local vegetable plot and take turns working the communal farm-land. They have an enclosed stable for their animals.

8 Farmer – Revekka

Revekka buried her parents last year. Her father, Ostanbor, was a querilous man who refused to allow his only daughter to marry. His wife, Revenna, was once the town beauty. Her appearance barely faded over time. She died a few months after her husband, and Revekka stayed with them to the end. She is now seeking someone to buy the land so she can travel. She hires locals to work her land as well as her share of the common land, pigs, sheep and chickens. Revekka is a well-trained house wife with no intention of marrying. Rumours abound about wealth hidden in the cellar – all the money that Ostanbor scrimped and saved over the years.

9 Temple to Peoni – Father Tam

Father Tam’s home is behind the worship area of the temple to Peoni. This small building is just big enough for the locals to come and worship weekly. Festivals, weddings and the life, are typically held outside.

10 Villain’s holdings

Eight families of villain live in these two buildings. They work mostly for Sir Noani, but do occasional labor for the farmers who live in Gebaseth. Originally, one set of buildings was for men and the other was for women, but the villains have redivided the property so that the two buildings actually have six apartments; two of which are shared by a group of older boys.

11 Abandoned holdings

These buildings were damaged by fire in a raid in 719TR. Sir Noani intends to see them torn down and rebuilt as soon as he can get enough timber into Gebaseth. So far the only people willing to live under the sagging roofs are the occasional traveler or peddler that didn’t seek housing in the manor.

12 [Sir Noani Julander – Manor

The manor is heavily fortified and well manned.
They also have a herd of over 1000 sheep; the villager’s herds are barely noticed among Sir Julander’s flock.

The manor has two hands of soldiers, Sargent Maern and Sargent Thoern, and 12 shepherds to manage the herds.


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