Green Owls


Founded in 684, the Green Owls are one of the best mercenary units on Harn. All men are knights, hand picked from the younger sons of the nobility. Formed by Sir Jenke Siebel and a dozen retainers, they were favored with generous contracts to undertake special missions along the Rethemi border.

The Green Owls played a key role in the capture of Selvos Castle in 695 by drawing out and scattering the Agrikan cavalry. They also helped hold off two Copper Hook relief columns during the siege of Menekod.

Their name stems from this period when a grateful Marshal Grolis, soon to become Earl of Selvos, allowed the band to adopt the heraldic crest of his clan as a permanent badge. The Green Owls have been permanently employed by the Earl of Selvos since 703. They are essentially a secular fighting order with the Earl of Selvos as their patron.

The company patrols the Rethemi border north of Selvos and regularly skirmish with the Copper Hook. A “friendly rivalry” with the Checkered Shield, who consider the Green Owls unchivalric brigands, has resulted in several duels with fatalities on both sides.

The men provide their own steeds and equipment. They bear a green owl on their surcoats and shields. Most have at least a plate half-helm, mail byrnie, quilt shirt, leather leggings, kite shield, broadsword, handaxe, dagger, and lance. Food and lodging is provided. Current strength is Sir Tessero, twenty-seven knights, and five squires to tend the horses.

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Green Owls

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