The Empress of Opulence, Maker of Bargains, Guardian of the Treasure Hordes, Queen of Pleasures, Enslaver of Hearts and Loins, Unchaste Lady of Ten Forgotten Acts, Temptress of the Crimson Chamber.

Halea is the goddess of wealth, business, and pleasure. Considered “amoral” by Larani and Agrik both, her followers tend to confuse the more “feudal” minded with their preference of money over land and personal pleasure over duty. Hedonistic pleasure, the one aspect of worship most other religions focus on, is considered a mortal reward for the accumulation of wealth and business acumen. In addition, it is only a small percentage of followers who over-indulge, and fit the stereotypical lazy, self-centered, over-sexed worshiper of Halea.

Often regarded as the most beautiful creature of Kelestia, one whose true form would drive men mad with passion, she will usually appear to mortals in the guise of an ordinarily beautiful young woman. She is the goddess of those who live each moment to the fullest, planning for a better tomorrow while living the best today possible. She is not, as some would have it, shallow or empty-headed. Halea is a shrewd schemer, renowned for her ability to seduce the reason of lesser beings with her silken voice and subtle arts.

Halea’s mythical residence is called the Crimson Chamber. Here, those chosen by the immortal lady enjoy an afterlife filled with never-ending pleasures of all kinds.

Halea requires no particular morality of her adherents but demands unswerving devotion and loves elaborate rituals and flattery of all kinds. Many followers donate as much as half their incomes to her church and if they deem this prudent, who can argue? Halea is reckoned an easy deity to worship; she is the Maker of Bargains, willing to negotiate for her favors. The goddess prefers to bargain from a position of strength with those in great need of her aid. Halea always keeps the pacts she makes, although not always in the way anticipated. Those who would bargain with the Unchaste Lady had best hasten to fulfill their part, for Halea is a jealous mistress and quick to anger.

While many scholars do not credit the clerics or lay followers of the Golden Lady with much intellectual depth, priestesses are found in high administrative posts in the government of Tharda, and many of her followers include the wealthiest and most astute merchants in Lythia. The Order of the Silken Voice is the only clerical order. The Salara (primate) for Hârn is the High Priestess of the Shiran temple. The Hilenea (pontiff) is headquartered in the city of Helas in the eastern Venarian Sea.

Halea’s priesthood is composed entirely of women of pleasant appearance who are fond of esoteric frills and ambiguous wording. Their ritual garb is diaphanous and of all the hues of the rainbow, but the colors purple, crimson, and gold dominate. Various symbols are used, among them stylized bells, coins, and genitalia. A priestess conducting a ceremony improvises the service as she proceeds.

While there are no fighting orders, occasionally Halea chooses a hero to help spread her lore and represent her interests. These heroes can be either male or female.

Titles In The Halean Church
Hilenea Pontiff
Salara Primate
Aramia Queen Mistress of the Temple
Shenasene Priestess
Corathar Acolyte
Solithar Temple Guard
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