The island of Harn is the mystical heart of Kelestia. It has the remnants of an ancient culture (Earthmasters) mixed with the first settlement of the Sindarin and the last vestiges of Khuzdul settlements as well.

Harn shares one language (Harnic) with a single script (Lakise), and a single unit of monetary wealth (the silver penny).

Eastern Harn

Over the hills and far away… these places, while closer than Lythia, are weeks away by foot, horse, or boat. Communication is seasonal at best between the east and the west. The dividing point for the island’s east/west border is the giant Bay of Benath – an inland sea at the centre of the island.

  • Melderyn. The mystical isle. Known to be the most magical place in all of Harn, it is also the gateway to the island kingdoms. A council of mages is said to preside at the side of the king; determining what may come to visit the island’s kingdoms and what is forbidden, and how much toll must be paid. The primary religion is Save K’norian.
  • Chybisa. A tiny feudal kingdom that is landlocked. An ally (and linked by royal blood) with Kaldor and Kanday, this kingdom is often cited as the example of feudal honour and chivalrous actions. The primary religion is Laranism.
  • Kaldor. A larger feudal kingdom that guards civilized lands from the marches (full of barbarians) they are also the gateway to the kingdom of Azadmere and the Silver way (the trail leading through the wilderness into Azadmere). The primary religion is Laranism.
  • Azadmere. The strange homeland of the Khuzdul. Tales are told of this underground kingdom, that the people live on mushrooms and hunt giant rats. What is known for sure is that the Khuzdul are the very best at hunting and killing Gargun, as well as being natural smiths and engineers. They have their own pantheon of strange and mysterious gods. Among the human settlers there, the primary religion is Siemi.
  • Evael. The strange homeland of the Sindarin. Very little is known of these people or this place as they guard their borders jealously. They have their own pantheon of strange and mysterious gods. Among the human settlers there, the primary religion is Siemi.

Northern Harn

Northern Harn is a barren, mountainous waste. Violent storms, wicked tides and sharp rocky shores makes this area hard to explore and harder still to inhabit.

  • Orbaal. An Ivinian settlement.

Western Harn

The countries of the far western coast have an intertwined history; currently suffering from an uneasy alliance, the east expects a three-way war in the near future.

  • Kanday. The feudal good country of Western Harn. It is linked (by ties of royal blood) to Kaldor and Melderyn. The primary religion is Laranism.
  • Rethem, The feudal evil country of Western Harn. Agrikan orders hold sway over the nascent kingdom that rose after the fall of the Morgathian kingdom that once ruled all of western Harn. The primary religion is Agrikanism.
  • Tharda. The republic is feudalistic in its land management, but is ruled by an oligarchy (called a Senate) rather than a king. The primary religion is Haleanism.
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