Hyen Keep

Map reference: [D7]
Realm: Rethem Holder: Copper Hook
Population: 225 Liege: King of Rethem


A fief in Zabinshire, Hyen was built in 532 as a Corani fortress. In 681, King Nemiran granted it, along with Menekod, Dunir, and Selvos, to the Copper Hook, an Agrikan fighting order. In 682, the order provoked Ezar’s War (682-697) by attacking Kanday and eventually lost all their possessions except Hyen. The Copper Hook has never recognized the peace that ended the war and continues to skirmish with the Laranian fighting order, the Checkered Shield. The Earl of Tormau has been secretly supplying money through intermediaries to the order to continue its war with the Laranians, a ploy to keep Chafin III busy looking south while the earl prepares for civil war in the north. The grandmaster of the order, Marag Yeredar, 52, may not be aware of the true source of this aid but his sad demeanor masks a clever and scheming mind.


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Hyen Keep

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