open.png The first human inhabitants of Harn and their descendants. The Jarin tend towards pale complexions, with white or brown to red hair and blue or green eyes. They are slightly shorter and stockier than Ivinians on average. Their population is one of boat builders and explorers, and so the population is scattered all along the edges of Harn and onto the mainland. The Jarin legends tell of their people peacefully migrating north and into the islands long ago. They lived a long time with the Sindarin and Khuzdul prior to the Atani wars and acquired an affinity with the Elder Folk which they still possess.

The Jarin named their northern-most settlement Jara (homeland) when the Atani Wars destroyed their southern homes. They fortified their northern homes only after the Tyranny of the Foulspawner’s curse left the north infested with Gargun. When the Ivinians invaded, many place names were changed, but the Jarin perservered and exist today. Most Jarin now live in Orbaal, but small communities exist within Azadmere and Evael, and the majority of Harnians have some Jarin blood.

They are essentially a peaceful people and, though xenophobic, they are fierce warriors when well led. In Orbaal today, the Jarin are mainly thralls (slaves) of their Ivinian overlords, but independent settlements have survived here and there, and active resistance movements exist.

Elsewhere, on the island, Jarineese is used as a trade tongue in some places, while in others the language is long forgotten.

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