Map reference: J4-J6 to K4-K6 Kingdom type: Monarchy
Households: 25,809 Acrage: 1,167,920 Average Land Quality: 1.10
Ruling bodies: King Miginath Elendsa
Religious status: Accepted Larani, Peoni, Proscribed: Agrik, Naveh, Morgath, Neutral: Siem, Save-K’nor, Halea, Sarajin

Located in the eastern interior of Hârn, Kaldor is a feudal realm ruled by King Miginath from his royal castle in the city of Tashal. Founded more than five centuries ago (188), external threats to Kaldor have been minimal, but internal strife has been common, notably the Kaldoric Civil War (362-377) and Baronial Revolt (599-603). Both conflicts were the result of a tendency for kings to draw too much power into their own hands at the expense of the barons. The most recent dynasty, the Elendsas, was founded in 603 and has encouraged a return to traditional principles of feudalism and chivalry while maintaining a tradition of royal justice.

The present monarch succeeded his father (Torastra) in 693. Always sickly, his imminent death from any of numerous ailments has been yearly predicted. After 27 years, the aged king continues to baffle his subjects simply by getting up each morning. He has never married, leaving the succession a matter of contention between two or three bastard sons and a score of nieces and nephews.

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