Kand.PNGThe ruling house of the Kingdom of Kanday, also known as the Kandian Dynasty, which has ruled this kingdom since its foundation in 589TR.

Eladas Kand was a deputy governor of Alethia province when the Theocracy of Tekhos came. In 575, Eladas was executed for heresy while his family and retainers retreated to the safety of the Mimea hills.

Eladas’ son, Andasin, became the leader of a small army of refugees during the dark years of the Theocracy. When the Theocracy collapsed in 588, Andasin seized Ibonost and founded the kingdom of Kanday. Over the next 40 years, Andasin gradually conquered a variety of petty holdings and kingdoms, acquiring a dominant position from Edino north to the Thard River.

Andasin died in 627 and was succeeded by his grandson, Maradon, who took the name Andasin II. Andasin II was more inclined to negotiation than war, and expanded the kingdom to the south by bringing in the Second Aleath Republic as a chartered freetown. Andasin II died childless in 654, and the crown went to his brother, Ashenan.

Ashenan’s five year reign was largely unremarkable. When he died childless in 659, a succession crisis precipitated. The Earl of Heroth, with some support from the Checkered Shield sought to succeed to the throne while the patricians of Aleath sought a republican government. As an interim measure, Ashenan’s widow Queen Arelora, childless and 46, was crowned.

In 661, the Thardic League conquered Moleryn, a minor ally of Kanday. War was declared, with the Earl of Heroth taking on the position of Lord Marshal. In 663, the Earl of Heroth was killed in battle. Queen Arelora asserted herself into the resulting chaos and took personal command of the demoralized army.

Two years later, she routed the armies of the Thardic League near Eidru, resulting in the capture of both Eidru and Kuseme. Firmly in control, Queen Arelora clarified the succession by naming Andasin III, son of Melise Kand, an acknowledged bastard granddaughter of Andasin I, as her heir. She married Andasin III to the daughter of the newly created Earl of Kuseme, cementing his position as the future King of Kanday. Queen Arelora died in 676.

In 682, the Order of the Copper Hook, attacked Imiden. The Order of the Checkered Shield lifted the siege, but Ezar’s War had begun. In 688, the king of Rethem assaulted and captured the small kingdoms around Hebon and Sarkum. The king of
Gemala, Ranald Milaka, swore fealty to Andasin III and married his younger daughter, Mirelael. Andasin III was killed in the assault recapturing Hebon keep, and was succeeded his 22 year old daughter, Eriel.

Eriel continued to prosecute the war with success, recapturing Sarkum and Dunir, until she was assassinated in 694. Eriel’s sister, Mirelael succeeded to the throne of Kanday and continued the war, capturing Menekod and Selvos before Rethem sued for peace in 695. Mirelael died in 707 to be succeeded by her 17 year old son, Andasin IV. Andasin IV is a brilliant scholar and administrator, but uninspiring leader. Approaching 30, he remains unwed, which causes his advisors a certain amount of angst. Andasin IV’s younger brother, Anaflas, is the Sheriff of Perishire in the north of Kanday. His sister, Eriel, has married the crown prince of Melderyn, reaffirming the long standing alliance between the two kingdoms.

Kand, King of Kanday
Shield: Quarterly, gules, a pale embattled argent; quarterly, gold, three roundels sable; party per bend sinister of the second, azure.
Mantling: Argent and gules.
Crest: A double headed eagle displayed in the third.
Motto: By strength and honor rule.
Registry: Violet Mantle, 659
Holdings: Avertu, Chison, Dyrisa, Edino, Ibonost, Imiden, Kedis, Quivum, Torthan.
Major Tenants: Cassean, Chahryn, Julor, Milaka, Pesirias, Tertimas, Order of the Checkered Shield.


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Harnworld, By Columbia Games & N. Robin Crossby.

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