Map reference: D6-D9,E6-E9 Kingdom type: Monarchy
Households: 19,793 Acrage: 1,061,280 Average Land Quality: 0.99
Ruling bodies: King Andasin IV
Religious status: Accepted Larani, Peoni, Proscribed: Agrik, Naveh, Morgath, Neutral: Siem, Save-K’nor, Halea, Sarajin

A feudal kingdom in south-western Hârn. Founded in 589 after the collapse of the despotic Theocracy of Tekhos, Kanday is ruled by King Andasin IV from his seat at Dyrisa. The city of Aleath, a chartered freetown, is the largest settlement.

Kanday has a tradition of enlightened and peaceful government, but foreign relations are another matter. The kingdom has been involved in three major wars over the past 60 years, mainly because her liberal imperial policies are in direct conflict with Rethem and Tharda. The king dislikes war but has been unable to halt the ongoing bloody skirmishes between the orders of the Checkered Shield and the Copper Hook along the Rethemi border. This conflict represents the aftermath of Ezar’s War (682-97), when Kanday defeated Rethem and seized significant territory from the Agrikan order. The coming to power in Rethem of Chafin III may herald the eventual onset of another full-scale war with Kanday. To complicate matters, Kanday recently suffered defeat during the Kuseme War (712-13) at the hands of the Thardic Republic. Andasin’s greatest fear is an alliance between his two northern rivals.

Kandian places

Kanday Shires – Map
Kanday is divided into seven shires (Daenshire, Erynashire, Noreashire, Perishire, Selonshire, Torenshire, and Urienshire), each sub-divided into hundreds. These judicial divisions are unrelated to the feudal subinfeudation of land.

Each shire is administered by a sheriff (shire-reeve). The sheriff appoints a bailiff to administer local justice in each hundred.

Dyrisa King Andasin IV Heroth Earl Cassean
Avertu (Sheriff of Selion) Ewen (Constable)
Chison (Sheriff of Urien) Findumon Baron Seben
Edino (Sheriff of Daen) Sepire Baron Terhune
Ibonost (Constable) Sumon Baron Udanel
Imiden (Sheriff of Peris) Sarkum Earl Milaka
Kedis (Sheriff of Eryna) Cuton Baron Elcher
Menekod Checkered Shield Gimon Baron Jevasa
Minilaous Baron Pesirias Hebon (Constable)
Ohetis Baron Julor Selvos Earl Chahryn
Pinde Baron Tertimis Dunir Baron Xelados
Quivum (Sheriff of Norea) Zerien Baron Irien
Torthan (Sheriff of Toren) Aleath Freetown
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