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The dwarves of Hârn are as materialistic as the Sindarin are spiritual. They bear a superficial resemblance to humans but average under five feet in height. They are stocky and possess strength out of proportion to their size. As a group, they tend to be secretive, acquisitive, jealous, stubborn, and very clannish. But they are also polite and have a strong sense of racial and personal honor.

The Khuzdul prefer to dwell underground. During The Codominium, Hârn boasted several sizable Khuzan settlements. Today, almost all of Hârn’s dwarves reside at Azadmere in the Sorkin Mountains.

The Khuzdul are unrivaled masons and their architecture utilizes the natural beauty of the living rock from which it is hewn. When they trade with others, they will speak only the language of their customers. The Khuzdul are master traders and drive hard bargains.

The Khuzdul are not fond of the Sindarin, who they believe betrayed them during the Atani Wars and failed to assist them during the Tyranny of Lothrim. The Khuzdul have long memories. They will kill gargun on sight; since Azadmere is surrounded by gargun tribes, there is constant skirmishing.

A few Khuzdul have settled outside Azadmere for trade and profit but are often the butt of human jokes and prejudice. They cannot be subjugated; it is said that a dwarf enslaved will wither and die within a few months.


Taken, with some omission from HarnDex.


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