Map reference: [E7]
Realm: Tharda Holder: Eidel Legion (5c)
Population: 2,370 From: Thardic Senate

The capital of Eidel Province, located on the south bank of the Thard River and linked to Coranan by the Kobar Bridge. The site was originally fortified some 400 years ago by Corthir, founder of the Corani Empire. The castle was seized by Kanday during the Five-Year War (661-66) and was the seat of the Earl of Kuseme until 712, when it was ceded to the Republic as part of the peace treaty that ended the recent (712-13) Kuseme War. The fortress is garrisoned by five of the Eidel Legion’s 12 companies, which is commanded by Marshal Kronas Elernin, a brilliant and ambitious soldier who led the victorious Thardic army in the Kuseme War. He has the unique distinction of also being magistrate of the province and is a favorite of a powerful imperialist faction in the Thardic Senate.

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