Low Ceremony of the Balefire


Agrikan temples hold lay mass on the 8th of each month. They consist of canted, responsive prayer and a real or symbolic sacrifice by combat. Wealthier temples insert pyrotechnic displays to enhance the spectacle.

Most temples contain a succession of eight chambers which become more and more elaborate approaching the “heart” of the structure. Those who wish to worship alone or in small groups make a donation and are guided to the chamber corresponding to the size of their offering. The first chamber is bare except for a small altar and bowl.

The last (the eighth) chamber is a richly decorated shrine in which the high priest himself will assist the adherents.

Ceremonies incorporate standard prayer and meditation, designed to rededicate the adherent. Private ablutions are done with sand (powdered lava if available) never with water. Sulfur is often burned in small quantities.

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Low Ceremony of the Balefire

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