Map reference: N10+ Kingdom type: Constitutional monarchy
Households: 32,472 Acrage: 1,452,580 Average Land Quality: 1.05
Ruling bodies: King Chunel Toron of Cherafir, Council of Eleven
Religious status: Accepted Larani, Peoni, Proscribed: Agrik, Naveh, Morgath, Neutral: Siem, Save-K’nor, Halea, Sarajin

An island kingdom off the south-east coast of Harn, Melderyn also lays claim to extensive lands on the Hârnic mainland.

Melderyn is a constitutional monarchy, ruled by King Chunel from Cherafir. Rumors say that the real power is held by a council of scholars known as the Council of Eleven. Although its actions are subtle, the council exerts vast influence on royal and local affairs and holds a long tradition of benign influence towards mainland Harn.

The island of Melderyn was subject to the same invasions by Jarin and barbaric Lythians as the rest of the Harnic Isles, but assimilated all with a remarkable lack of friction.

Melderyn has held possessions on the Hârnic mainland since 223, when the King of Elorinar swore fealty to the Melderyni throne for aid against the rampages of the Bujoc during the Migration Wars. However, no Melderyni king has ever fielded an army on mainland Hârn, or anywhere else for that matter. The kingdom has traditionally limited its intervention to occasional visits by individuals, many of whom have exhibited strange arcane powers. Whenever something out of the ordinary happens, there is speculation that the hand of Melderyn is in some way involved.

The current King of Melderyn is Chunel Toron. He succeeded his father in 684 and is renowned for his cynical wit. Like preceding monarchs, he leaves much of the government to his council, but is highly competent and active in affairs of state. When he took the throne, the tiny kingdom of Chybisa was under the occupation of Kaldor. Chunel decided to support Balesir, the deposed monarch of Chybisa, in return for a promise of fealty. With an army raised among the mainland possessions of Melderyn, Balesir regained his throne in 687 but did not keep his promise to Chunel. It is said that when news of this betrayal was brought to him, Chunel expressed a lack of surprise; some say he actually laughed! Chunel denounced the treachery, but although he has not given up his claim to Chybisa, neither has he taken any obvious action to press it. Chunel is in excellent health and comes from an extremely long-lived line. He is 58 and has one son among five healthy children.

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