Clan Milaka traces descent from the ancient Gemalan chieftains of southwestern Harn. With the fall of the Theocracy Of Tekhos, in 596 Talhan Milaka founded the independent Kingdom of Gemala with Sarkum as his capital.

In 617, Talhan died in a minor plague, and was succeeded by his son, Kalar. Kalar ruled the small kingdom peacefully for a decade. When Kalar died in 629, his heir was his infant son, Cabis. As a result, Kalar’s brother Hakren succeeded to the throne.

Hakren ruled Gemala for 25 years during which a firm alliance was established with the Kingdom of Kanday under Andasin II. When Hakren died in 654, his sons were in their early teens. The influential clans of Jevasa and Chalgen arranged for Kalar’s son, Cabis, to ascend to the throne.

Cabis was a weak king, and Gemalan affairs were largely handled by Cabis’ advisors, mostly men from the Jevasa and Chalgen clans. Cabis son, Ranald, succeeded to the throne in 684, but governmental affairs were still largely run by the royal advisors from the Jevasa and Chalgen
clans. In 688, their policy of support for the Kingdom of Kanday brought disaster when the Kingdom or Rethem invaded.

The Milaka clan was devastated by the invasion, with most of Hakren’s descendants killed in the early fighting. King Ranald escaped into exile in Kanday. Here, the long alliance and good relationship paid off well. Ranald swore fealty to Andasin III, and was married to Andasin III’s daughter, Mirelael. Ranald campaigned vigorously with the various remaining petty kingdoms, providing an object lesson that if they did not stand together, they would surely fall apart. Over the next 3 years, all of the remaining petty kingdoms of southwestern Harn joined the Kingdom of Kanday.

By 692, the forces of Kanday had recaptured Sarkum and driven the forces of Rethem from Kanday. The campaign turned to the north and Rethem sued for peace in 695 after the capture of three prominent strongholds.

During the war, Andasin III had died in battle and his elder daughter, Eriel, had been assassinated, making Ranald’s wife, Mirelael, Queen of Kanday. Ranald became the Earl of Sarkum, holding Sarkum and Hebon. In 707, Queen Mirelael died, and Ranald’s son, Andasin IV, succeeded to the throne of Kanday.

The Earl of Sarkum and Clan Milaka are the most influential group in present day politics within Kanday. In addition to being the king’s father, the earl is also the Sheriff of Erynashire while his son and heir, Anaflas, is the Sheriff of Perishire. The earl’s daughter, Eriel, is married to the crown prince of Melderyn.

The earl’s nephew, Carlen, a Laranian, is currently the Rekela of Ternula at Korri abbey. Carlen’s sister, Iblis, is the Serolan of Chendy abbey. Both are bright and ambitious. It seems inevitable that they will dominate the Church of Larani for the next 30 years.

The Earl’s brother, Sovril, is the constable of Hebon keep. Another nephew, Elaris, is the constable of Kedis keep. Both are rather abusive of their positions. The earl spends considerable time in Kedis, in no small part to keep an eye on his nephew. Lady Arilla Milaka, one of the few surviving descendants of Harken, is keeper of the royal Privy Seal.


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