Tormentor of the Unlamented Dead, Master of the Principle of Evil, Lord of the Gulmorvrin, Wielder of the Shadow, Wreaker of Chaos.

Morgath is the self-appointed master of chaos and evil. Of all the gods, he is the most prone to violence and insanity, and the quickest to anger. He is a lord of retribution but cares nothing for justice. He is filled, it is said, with an abiding hatred for all things fair and noble. When Morgath appears to men, it is usually in some ethereal form, his true shape being unbearable to behold. He is never portrayed, but rather symbolized by the Durangash, a black circle on a field of brown, surrounded by an irregular black border. Morgath is best known as the master of the undead, particularly the Gulmorvrin, who are governed by his chief demigod, Klyss. Morgath is believed to have 13 true names and it is deemed the greatest folly to utter any of them aloud. This is one reason why that number is deemed unlucky.

How the religion of Morgath came to Hârn is unclear. It is believed that Lothrim The Foulspawner worshiped Morgath and it is known that Balsha claimed to be his prophet. In present-day Hârn, the worship of this deity is largely confined to Tharda and is particularly prominent in the city of Golotha. Elsewhere, his clergy are covert. In Kaldor, Chybisa, and Melderyn, the worship of Morgath is punishable by death. Even in Golotha, the followers of Morgath are not numerous.

Morgathianism is not an attractive religion. It is difficult to take much comfort from a faith that preaches all are doomed to eternal torment in the afterlife, although this is counter-balanced with the notion of living in worldly excess until death. The remainder of Morgathian philosophy seems to encourage the acquisition and exercise of ruthless power for its own sake, particularly among its clerics. Indeed, the clerics of Morgath inspire fear whenever recognized, if only because they are known to habitually practice ritual human sacrifice.

This dour and morbid religion is reflected in the costumes of its clerics, which are mostly of black and brown. When they are able to wear their full regalia, their ritual dress includes hideous masks, partly to terrify, but mainly to hide their identity. There is only one clerical sect in the church, the Order of the Lord of Chaos. It has major temples in Golotha and Coranan, the former being the seat of the Hârnic primate. The Vynkhadur (pontiff) resides in the Azeryani city of Meokolis.

Titles In The Morgathian Church
Vynkhadur Pontiff
Gurim Primate
Khidarmur High Priest
Khala Priest
Sungai Senior Acolyte
Longai Acolyte
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