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I enjoy running mysteries. Murder mysteries in particular.
I discovered this during my last Harn campaign (Pax Tharda AKA Schylla and Charibdis) when I ran several mysteries for my party to solve. Unfortunately, not all the party was as enamoured with the adventures as I was.

My primary source for running any kind of mystery is the GURPS Mysteries resource book. A close secondary resource would be the bibliography from GURPS Mysteries (which is conveniently located on the SJGames website in Warehouse 13).

I draw on murder mystery books; such as, The Cadfael series by Ellis Peters, the works of Michael Jecks, Bernard Knight, and PD James to name a few.
I draw on murder TV series such as, Cadfael (BBC1 collection) and Longmire (AETV).
I draw on murder films (too many to mention, but Name of the Rose is a good example of pacing).

These secondary sources are as much as what I find when I’m contemplating a crime adventure as what I have read/watched in the past. Transforming these secondary sources into a crime adventure is difficult because if you leave the serial numbers on the plot, some players will recognize it (case in point: I relied a bit too heavily on Cadfael plots early on in this campaign). So for secondary sources, I strongly suggest you get out there and read. A lot.

References & notes

The following is a list of references I always recommend when writing a mystery.





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Murder mystery resources

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