Lord of the Pitch Shadows, Master of Deceit and Evil Dreams, Lord of the Last Illusion, The Merchant of Death, Unseen Lifter of Lives, Trancer the Cat, Wealth’s Worry.

Best known as the bringer of nightmares, Naveh is the deity favoured by assassins and thieves. It is sometimes thought that Naveh and his minions are powerless in daylight, but it is more likely that their powers are only reduced by sunlight. Naveh is a lord of secrets, a doer of the impossible. His main symbols are Nava-Shak-Ara (an ebony knife) and Shinkra-Akra (a translucent human skull); replicas of both are involved in temple rituals by Navehan priests. Naveh’s principal hue is black, with a trace of blood red, colors that are traditionally worn by Navehan priests.

The religion is a crime punishable by death in Kanday, Kaldor, Chybisa and Melderyn. His followers are seen as thieves and assasins; if not downright evil – they are an immoral lot bent on the destruction of feudalism and organized lawful society.

Because temples are always hidden, very little is known about the church and its ritual practices by any except its adherents.

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