A shire in the Kingdom of Kanday; shire moots are held at Quivum. The Northernmost shire in Kanday, it shares borders with both Tharda and Rethem; it’s westernmost border runs along lands recently lost to Tharda during the Kuseme War (712 TR); it is a wound that is slow to close.

The Sheriff of Norea is Tamys Bakyth, the Laranian Rekela of Perinore (see Erone). The sheriff divides his time between Quivum and Erone, and is known to demand frequent random inspections of mercantylers and other travellers.

Dovan is also the regional headquarters of the order of the Checkered Shield for the northeastern frontier, leading to an uneasy truce between Rekela Tamys Bakyth (who holds these lands) and the Chabla at Menekod.

Hundreds Hundred Moot Market Held by1
Arguer Hundred Forest Hundred
Narath Hundred Narath Dovan Erone (Dovan, Edasarath), Heroth(Heroth, Crimos (Bord), Deged, Govendel, Hilasen, Juleme (Chunem, Fybaz), Leth, Nedoryn, Ovean, Raldel, Salkim, Selaty, Towey (Lasord, Undater))
Ravin Hundred Ravin Ewen Erone (Canrey, Rianda, Shomot (Cefim, Kadarol, Sarakat), Wrythenal(Thelt, Wydath, Yedes), Ewen (Ewen, Blenday (Goza), Emete, Imesen, Lecona, Eshet, Givurn, Rystan, Thevos, (Faraka, Zathel (Karwa)), Heroth (Cetha (Anedas, Ecoze), Sullin (Nustane, Smaddew, (Hilisa, Teverny, Ventur)), Quivum (Ravin (Nedale, Vaseld))
Tadlry Hundred Foka Foka Erone (Aroby (Warath, Yournis), Wouvasy (Dunchy)), Ewen (Mardy, Bejis (Alenth, Umpeldy)), Heroth ((Dunat), Stelunt (Toffin), Tralinel, Zevurn), Quivum (Foka (Taboras), Tyrinale (Alorny, Halvae))
Yedarn Hundred Yedam Quivum Erone (Erone, Brynd, Harchesa, Patry (Dakiel, Jeni), Selvaryn), Quivum (Quivum, Yedarn (Oltaurne (Bilop)), Efida, Mesaur (Flodyn), Nefu, Tabo (Aldaran), Zinkur (Urdela))

1 Lands held by feudal lords do not respect shire or even hundred boundaries. The major holding is followed by the particular manor in the shire (in brackets).

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