Map reference: H1+ Kingdom type: Pre-feudal state
Households: 14,640 Acrage: 585,110 Average Land Quality: 0.98
Ruling bodies: King Alegar II from Geldeheim
Religious status: Accepted Sarajin, Peoni, Agrik Proscribed: Naveh, Morgath, Neutral: Siem, Save-K’nor, Halea, Larani

A pre-feudal state in northeast Hârn ruled by King Alegar II from Geldeheim. The region was formerly called Jara until 686 after the Ivinian conquest of the indigenous Jarin. It is a very unstable realm, where less than 8,000 rowdy and ungovernable Ivinians have subjugated about 65,000 rebellious Jarin. Orbaal is really a host of semi-independent squabbling clan domains, the smaller of which owe tribute to more powerful clans who, in turn, owe it to the king in Geldeheim. Some call the larger domains kingdoms and the king at Geldeheim an overking or pendragon, but the Orbaalese are not as formal about titles as the rest of Hârn.

At its base, Orbaalese society is essentially the same as that of the rest of Hârn. Scattered around the major settlements are dozens of small villages, many of them fortified and all governed by relatives or trusted retainers of the great clan. Most of the land is worked by Jarin thralls.

The Ivinians are best known for their piracy, a tradition that all coastal peoples in northwestern Lythia have come to dread. In hard economic times, various clans take to the sea in their dragonships and go viking, that is, raiding and pillaging coastal villages and towns. The golden age of viking may have passed, yet recent attempts to sack Thay were a potent reminder that the mercenary sea power of Ivinian clansmen is still to be feared.

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