The Restorer and Bringer of Life, Maker of Balms, Lady of Truth, Daughter of White Virtue, Guardian of the Meek, Lady of the Ripe Harvest, Confidant of Lovers, Chaste Lady of Honest Love.

Peoni is the most popular deity among the peasantry. She is the patron goddess of healing and agriculture, the poor and lovers. She requires of her adherents a strict moral code of gentleness and kindness to others, but is forgiving of those who transgress. She is most often represented as a young girl with gentle hands worn red from hard work. Peoni is symbolized by any of several spring flowers or the fruits of agriculture. It is said that she prefers white flowers and the daisy is her favorite.

The relationship between the religions of Peoni and Larani is that of sisters. Peonians often travel with Laranians for support and protection in Kanday. It is also one of the few religions that is welcomed almost everywhere on the island of Harn.

There are two main branches to the religion – the Irreproachable Order (a celibate male order) and the Balm of Joy (a celibate female order). In Rethem the priests of both orders work together as members of the Order of Maremal. It’s called the Order of Mikkael in Tharda; it is a superset of the orders. Each order is subdivided into two groups of specialists.


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